Looking into the mirror

Personal Coaching & Teaching


To write books or to give classes to groups and put them on Youtube is just by way of introduction. As the application of the teachings in life must be adapted to the student, the true teaching is personal.

Personal coaching means to discover together the path that suits the personal desires, needs, abilities and duties of the student. It does not matter whether you just want some practical advise on personal issues or seek to enhance your already deep meditation practice. It is also not about only sticking to one teacher - you can have as many as you want. It is about finding together certain spiritual practices that make growth more easy, assuring that no steps are skipped in the process so that the transformation is durable. Anyhow, without your cooperation nothing can happen, so you are always the one to decide. I can only act as a mirror.

Also in terms of how often you want to connect and when, you are entirely free. Who knows, one session may give you enough opportunity for change to last a year. Or you might find a more regular connection really valuable in your life, and book that in the online agenda. Or you might find nothing specific of value to you, which is entirely possible and acceptable. This is all about You.

The Park Sessions NY 2014
I cannot promise what such more personal coaching might bring you. I can promise to be there for you. Whatever understanding, experience or energy I have to help you on your path, is at your service. I especially hope to help people find more happiness, healing and deeper meditation.






For those living sufficiently nearby the village of Scheldewindeke where I live, at www.leela-yoga.be you can find the schedule for local activities. For personal coaching in Scheldewindeke, please contact me.


The entirety of the yogic tradition is revealed as originating from the Self, bridging the illusion of a gap between nonduality and other practices.

The practitioners of yoga postures, breath, mantra, or meditation should not be confused about whether all of that is helpful on the spiritual path, or just some distraction produced by the ego.