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I am happy to invite you to the next free Tantric Advaita Satsang Room. This event will allow you to ask the questions that are actually triggering you at this moment, which are the best questions.

Just click the link below to the Tantric Advaita Satsang Room :

FIRST NEXT FREE ONLINE SATSANG : the June session has not yet been scheduled : click this link : Group Link

Timing : LA 9 am - NY 12 noon - London 5 pm - Brussels 6 pm - Delhi 9:30 pm.

The session will take about 2 hours. While you are advised to join on time, it is still alloweThe game of Leela by Harish Joharid to pop in at a later hour. In any case, we are all on the path, so no need to be shy or something and there are NO stupid questions.

Even people without Facebook account should be able to enter easily by clicking this link. For those having difficulty to access, the reasons why are still quite unclear, but using Chrome as a browser seems a good idea and also to check if any app is using your camera in the background and might block you from entering. Anyhow, most people experience no difficulties.


The entirety of the yogic tradition is revealed as originating from the Self, bridging the illusion of a gap between nonduality and other practices.

The practitioners of yoga postures, breath, mantra, or meditation should not be confused about whether all of that is helpful on the spiritual path, or just some distraction produced by the ego.