In the shamanic Tantric tradition of Nepal

Spiritual Healing


If you have the experience of an ongoing physical, mental/emotional or spiritual difficulty and can't seem to get rid of it in the usual ways, then spiritual healing might be something for you.


How does Spiritual healing work ?


The practices of the shamanic tradition of Nepal are similar to what is found in worldwide shamanic healing, yet with added Yogic & Tantric knowledge. For over 10 years, I have learned the healing arts from Kedar Upreti, a seventh generation shamanic healer from the Tantric & Ayurvedic Healing Center in Kathmandu. You can read more about how Tantric healing works here. Just to be clear, the Tantric healings that I work with do not involve sexual practices - only in the West the word Tantra is largely associated with that.


Kedar Upreti
A basic shamanic understanding is that when a problem becomes chronical, it will manifest on all 3 levels : the physical level of the body, the mental level of thoughts and feelings and the spiritual level of the soul and the energies that are associated with it. Thus healing can happen on these 3 levels. If one level is ignored it can keep the disease or mental instability in place, which explains the many imbalances that persist after being treated only with medication, therapy or even yoga and meditation.

Shamanic healing directly works on the all too often ignored spiritual level.


What to expect from a healing ?


This spiritual healing involves certain age-old Nepalese rituals that affect the soul and the energies that are attached to it. These rituals involve mantra recitation, the offering of flowers, fruits, etc..., fire rituals and kundalini related energy purification techniques. They are quite traditional in the detail, while being truly universal as a whole. In as far as possible, the Nepalese techniques are not modernized, having proven their value for many generations.


Fire rituals

Spiritual healing is no exact science with a garanteed outcome, yet I have had wonderful succes in removing certain physical and mental/emotional problems :


According to my statistics, over 90% of these healings bring clear improvement and in more than half of the cases, the initial problem is fully resolved. Many people thus only need one healing. In some cases 2 or 3 sessions may be needed. If that is not enough, to do more healings usually does not make much sense. The remaining issues are then not spiritual in origin, or too hard to resolve at this time.

I will never advise you to stop any other kind of treatment. In many cases, you may also be advised to help the healing process yourself through regular excercises & practices, in as far as possible for you.

There is no need to believe in any of these things in order for the healing to work, as long as you are a little bit open to it. Some doubt is perfectly understandable... For the one who gets healed, the how really does not matter.


Healing Options


From 2023 onwards, following are the healing options which you can choose from, in part also during the initial diagnostic talk:









No worry if all this is somewhat confusing. The choice you make at first can still be changed during the diagnostic talk. Upon evaluating the symptoms, I have enough experience to suggest any such changes, though it is all up to you of course and I can never promise anything. If you doubt, just book a Basic Healing first.


  The Basic and Advanced healings discussed above are both offered by myself, see Peter Marchand.
  My student from Köln-Germany also offers the Basic Healings, see Sven Horn.
The healing Tipi

Long-Distance Healing


If you live too far for a visit, the healing can happen long-distance through these steps :

  1. HEALING DIAGNOSIS VIDEOCALL - for diagnosis and to create the healing connection.
  2. ACTUAL HEALING RITUALS - some evening shortly following the videocall, without you needing to be present.
  3. FOLLOW-UP VIDEOCALL - about 1 week after the healing, to evaluate & coach further progress.




In case of doubt, just book a Basic Healing first and if necessary you can change it into an Advanced Healing during the diagnostic video call.


TRIP ALERT: From 20 September till 20 December 2023 Peter is traveling in India and Nepal. Healing and coaching are also possible on this trip and can be booked according to availability. In case Peter's agenda is overbooked, for urgent healing requests please contact Sven Horn.


Starting the fire

Healing in Person (Scheldewindeke-Belgium)


If you live nearby, the healing happens in the Tipi tent of Scheldewindeke, usually in the early evening:

  1. DIAGNOSIS - when booking the healing, we will discuss your symptoms and decide upon the type of healing needed accordingly, during a phone call, video call or chat.
  2. PREPARATION OF THE RITUAL - before you arrive, i will prepare all offerings needed.
  3. INTRODUCTORY TALK - as you arrive in Scheldewindeke, we have a more profound diagnosic talk first, as well as some introduction to the rituals.
  4. ACTUAL HEALING - taking 1 hr (Basic) or 2 hrs (Avanced) or a bit longer (supplementary options).
  5. FOLLOW-UP - about 1 week after the healing, we can communicate in any desired way to evaluate & coach further progress.

If you prefer to bring someone familiar with you for mental support, that is no problem. There is not so much of a need for it however, since during the ritual not much is expected from you. The results of the healing usually do not show themselves during the rituals. Most people do not experience anything special, except some general blisful feeling. The hoped for fundamental changes manifest in the days following the healing.

>> To book an appointment, please contact me through my Facebook page or phone +32 475 73 32 78.

>> To book a similar appointment in Köln-Germany, contact Sven Horn through


More information on Spiritual healing


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The entirety of the yogic tradition is revealed as originating from the Self, bridging the illusion of a gap between nonduality and other practices.

The practitioners of yoga postures, breath, mantra, or meditation should not be confused about whether all of that is helpful on the spiritual path, or just some distraction produced by the ego.